Why Video and Visual Content are Key for Technology Companies

6 Aug 2020

Technology and software marketing is not easy. You are often selling complex products and services to a wide range of decision makers. On top of that, in today’s pandemic more of your prospects and customers are working from home, so you need new marketing content to grab their attention.

Technology marketing is also highly competitive. Getting on page one of Google is challenging and rates for paid advertising like PPC can be very high. For example, with our clients we have seen a cost per click of £18 for cloud campaigns.

Engaging visual content and campaigns are the best way that tech companies can address these challenges and raise their brand visibility. Video content cuts through the noise, and diverse and interesting videos and animations are a great way to get your message across simply.

Having a compelling visual content strategy is something we put at the heart of our technology clients. We produce a diverse range of videos to promote all types of services and tell different stories. Putting a visual, content-rich digital marketing strategy at the heart of your technology marketing plans will not only simplify your message, it will also help with search and social media optimisation.


of B2B marketers report positive ROI results from video content

So What Type of Videos Work in Technology Marketing?

Explainer Videos and Animations

Research shows people more likely to watch an explainer video than read a datasheet. A simple 2-3 minute video can talk you though the product, the problem it solves, the key features, what it delivers – a complete product overview on screen.

Customer Testimonial Videos

Your customers are one of the most powerful ways to share a compelling story about how your product helped. The key is soundbites that share the customer’s challenge, what the product achieved, how easy it was to implement and the ROI. 

Entertaining Videos

We all want to be entertained, even at work, and especially in these difficult times, so adding some humour and fun to often technical subjects will increase your engagement and shares. TikTok is taking off for business. With executives and employees dancing, it seems the old stuffy days are over!

Educational and Demo Videos

There is so much information to share in tech, which educational video are ideal for. You can produce ‘how to’ tutorials, product demos, webinars about industry trends, or talking heads. Live and edited webinars are increasingly popular. They are particularly useful, because they requiring people to give contact information to register, so you’ll be able to build your contact database and engage in marketing or sales activities with those contacts in the future.

The good news is that our shorter videos and animations that may be between 20 seconds and 2 minutes have a big impact and are priced competitively. As a general guide we estimate a mini video will start around £500 and longer fully storyboard animation or video with voiceover from £2000. It’s one of the best ways to get your message in the market.

Some of our video work 

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